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[Update] 2/1/2015


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[Update] 2/1/2015 Empty [Update] 2/1/2015

Post by Kade on Sat 03 Jan 2015, 01:25

Hello TicketStory players,

Just to update you guys that ill be adding in Monthly TOP 3 Most rebirth players soon staytune!

How it work:

-Every month, our unique Monthly rebirth system will be reset (not the total ranking)
-Top 3 players each month will receive suprise item/in-game-currency/I-O-C/NX
randomly picked by our staff!
-At the end of the month Ranking will be reset and carry out again the next month!
​-This system is implemented for players who wants to join the competitive ranking!
-This is also,some what, fair to players who just joined our server!

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