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[Suggestion from my experience]


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[Suggestion from my experience] Empty [Suggestion from my experience]

Post by meeporkuncle on Sun 18 Jan 2015, 23:17

Hi guys, this is meepork incase any one of you are wondering the green guy with the weird face and all yeah.

I'm here to tell you guys about the @MSI via Max Stats Item progress for me.
From what i've learned, once you rebirthed until a certain number of times you'll eventually have to hunt for MSI which includes hunting the following :

150 x Dreamstones [trust me this will be tough in the beginning and time consuming[
100 x Diamonds [ drops for ores are hard but manageable and easier than dreamstones (to me)]

the rest are 2x tickets and 10,000 lidiums which are managable if you have rebirthed enough.

My point : so basically players would be just reborin-ing till full stats, farm msi, repeat.

My suggestion : either remove the msi or let people with full stats get something else otherwise everything is gonna be the same

No offence to anyone is intended but it's just my personal view, thanks for reading this.


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[Suggestion from my experience] Empty Re: [Suggestion from my experience]

Post by DevSensei on Sat 24 Jan 2015, 07:08

Hi meeporkuncle, we're happy to tell you that we've taken in your suggestion and did a little tweak for balancing! It should help alot players on focuaing their reborns and getting msi. Check out the msi npc for more details. Once again, thanks for your suggestions.


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