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Guides from Yaoh (xOrangex) 'Currency'


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Guides from Yaoh (xOrangex) 'Currency' Empty Guides from Yaoh (xOrangex) 'Currency'

Post by Yaoh on Wed 21 Jan 2015, 16:52

Hello!!! Here I am again, this post will be explaining the currency of ticketstory
First thing, Ticketstory Ticket, Ticket is basically the main currency of ticket story. Tickets can be obtain through rebirths and @buyticket (@sellticket to sell you ticket). The value of ticket are as below.
1 ticket = 1 billion messo
1 ticket = 5k nx
2 ticket = 13k nx

Second things that act as currency in this server is lidium. Lidiums are globally drop, which technically means every mob drops lidiums. Lidiums can be use at @craft, crafting LSI, and RMSI.

Third things that act as currency is Diamond. Diamonds can be obtain for crafting at ardentmill (@go ardent), to craft a diamond you need to collect diamond ore which are also a global drop. Diamonds plays the same role as lidiums, but diamonds are technically harder to obtain comparing to lidiums.

Lastly, dreamstones. The existence of dreamstones only serve one purpose, to craft a RMSI, but because of dreamstone is the hardest to obtain it makes dreamstones a currency in this server. The reason why is dreamstone so rare is dreamstone can only be obtain through Empress Cygnus, one empress only drop 1-3 dreamstones.

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