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TicketStory Ultimate Guide Empty TicketStory Ultimate Guide

Post by Kade on Tue 27 Jan 2015, 22:53

Welcome to TicketStory, i'm Dev-Kade. Today im gonna list out a complete walk though guide for TicketStory.

Basic Starter Guide:

First create an account, of course, and you will be landed next to Sensei.So go ahead and read up some tips before starting your journey!
TicketStory Ultimate Guide 210

Next, you will be warpped to the next map.You will see Kade over there Very Happy.Click on him to start your very first quest!

TicketStory Ultimate Guide 310
Once you've done with your quest. TA-DA you have successfully finished ticketstory short tutorial!

TicketStory Ultimate Guide After_10
Of course, your journey doesn't stop there, you you can choose to follow our Quest line to level up quickly or DIY!

To get your first quick rebirth, just type in the command "@quest" and it will warp you to the Questline map! There we go!.
TicketStory Ultimate Guide Questl10

In this map we have a list of quest line, as you can see from the top screenshot.Complete all these following questline to obtain prizes and in game currencys item!

Im not going indepth of how to finish these quesline because it's idiot proof Smile
Requirements are stated in each of the queslines! So please make sure you have the right items before proceeding to the next quest lines!(you can do all these queslines up to 5 Reborns

After completing the FinalQuest, you should be leveled to 200! 
And do the "@rebirth" command for a list of rebirth 
commands for different jobs! Choose wisely!
Make sure to do "@maxskills" anytime with our helpful
 Agatha over there Smile

TicketStory Ultimate Guide Maxski10

[size=24]TicketStory Commands List.[/size]

     [Basic Commands]           
@str / dex / int / luk [amount] - Adds the amount of stats to STR / DEX / INT / LUK.
@resetstr / resetdex /resetint / resetluk [amount] - Resets the amount of stats to @STR / DEX / INT / LUK.
@check - Checks your information.
@check [name] - Checks the character information that you requested.
@monster - Displays the information on the closest monster for you.
@monsterdrops - Checks the monster drop information that is closest to you that you requested.
@cleardrops - Clears the drops on your current map.
@maxskills - Maxskills by Job, Clear skills SP, reset SP
@dispose - Use this when character cannot click on NPC(UNSTUCK).
@resetexp - Reset your exp to 0. [Use it only when necessary]
@expfix - Fix your exp when it is stucked. [Use it only when necessary]
@rebirth - View the rebirth commands.
@buyticket/sellticket - TicketStory Currency Exchanger.
@clearinv - Inventory Manager!Clear item one by one!
@Secondary - Opens Secondary equip.
@auction - Open up auction menu
@buylidium [ticket amount] - 1 ticket = 500 Lidium

           [NPC's/Warper Commands]           
@go [map] - Go to the map that you requested.
@npc - Shows the lists of NPC that are available while using command.
@town - Shows the list of Town maps that are available.(use for @map)
@mob - Shows the list of Monster maps that are available.
@pq - Warp you to all-in-one pq lobby.
@misc - Shows the list of miscellaneous maps that are available.(use for @map)
@uptime - Checks TicketStory Uptime.

           [Useful Commands]           
@codex - Fixes the annoying codex in new tab. [Use the cards]
@cancelbuffs - Cancels your current active skills.
@leet - Toggles leet chat to on / off mode for 500 mesos each time.
@admin [message] - Messages a TicketStory staff with your enquires.
@chalk [message] - Displays text on a chalkboard that you input. [40 Characters Maximum]
@smega - Toggles super megaphone to on / off mode.
@event - Join an event if there's one.
@trainingmaps - Basic Training Maps.
@info - infomations about this server.
@quest - Brings you to FM 2 to start your first 10 rebirth!
@emo - Draw your circle!

TicketStory NPC List

TicketStory Ultimate Guide Hairst10
Name:Hair Stylist
Job:Help's you to style yourself up!

TicketStory Ultimate Guide Jobadv10
Name:Job Advancer
Job:My name speaks for myself Very Happy

TicketStory Ultimate Guide Nx_ite10
Name:Nx Items
Job:Oh look who's here! Well she sells luxury items here! Take a look!

TicketStory Ultimate Guide Aiosho10

Job:Hmm,Weapons?...Naked?..Look for me!

TicketStory Ultimate Guide Rankin10
Name:TicketStory Ranking
Job:Well think you could be the best? Check me out then!

TicketStory Ultimate Guide Staff10

Job:Heyho..I hold the responsibility of All Ticketstory's Informations!

TicketStory Ultimate Guide Ticket10

Name:Tickets Exchanger & NX Exchanger
Job:Hey we are the best buddy, Looking for some quick cash? Over here buddy!

TicketStory Ultimate Guide Msi10

Job:Mwahahaha..Meow.. Looking for some epic weapon enchantment? 
HEHEHE provide me with some awesome minerals and ill do the job!

TicketStory Ultimate Guide Sixx10

Job:My name is SIXX  my items are pretty sick,
Well take up my challenge now and achieve the best upgrades you've ever seen!
You can collect most of the required items around the maple world.Not too tough but definately worth it. Powerful items will be updated once in a while! Check me out HUWAHAHAHAH

TicketStory Ultimate Guide Musixx10

Name:Music Box
Job:Lalalalala....I cant move but i can play nice songs for you.Enjoy some classic jass
some melody~~~ ohh~~ that music brings you back to the 80's

TicketStory Ultimate Guide Vip_ga10

Name:VIP Gacha
Job:Secret Rare items will be added each month:D Grab your butts now and hunt the GACHA Tickets at fm room 16! @home to go to Free Market

TicketStory Ultimate Guide Throph10

Name:Trophy Exchanger
Job:HOHOHO!! Look's like someone just won an event! Oh god im standing here all day long.

TicketStory Ultimate Guide Scroll10

Name:Scroll Seller
Job:Need help ? Come to me then Razz Cheap Cheap!

TicketStory Ultimate Guide Train10

Name:Monster Spawner & Trainingmaps
Job:Join the fight here. I've loads of jobs for you to do. Rebirth fast over here Very Happy!

TicketStory Ultimate Guide Miniga10

Name:MiniGame Boss
Job:Well if you are tired of training, come over here to enjoy some minigames!
Gambler spotted!Wahahaha

TicketStory Ultimate Guide Lsi10

Job:Oh hi, im LSI. I can make some rare items for you with minimum requirements!
Your stats will not be cleared away! Cool uh?

More Coming Soon!

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